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We have had the opportunity to make custom pens for some of our customers from woods they have supplied. A Cherry tree from a farm in Virginia. A very old Oak tree near Chicago. A mother’s rolling pin.
OK, that last one needs an explanation. My wife’s mother had a “ravioli” rolling pin from the 1940’s, made by her father from a long broom handle, and she wanted a pen made from it. Next thing I know I’m making 14 more for other family members who remember my wife’s mother’s ravioli!
So, now we are proud to be able to do this for our other customers. If you have a piece of wood from a favorite tree, or a household object from which you’d like a dear rememberance in the form of a pen, please contact us. Each project will be unique, of course, and designed with your wishes in mind. There is no set pen frame or design. We will work together to make something special for you and your family.
The Pen and The Pin
From A Family’s Oak Tree